Applying the Principles of Raatijaga in Everyday Life


Raatijaga is a spiritual exercise that has been approved down by way of many years in lots of parts of India. It is really an historic practice, thought to are already applied for centuries. This practice will depend on the notion that electricity (Shakti) can be used for healing, security, and faith based expansion. For people who are thinking about studying the methods and beliefs of Raatijaga, let’s take a closer inspection at what this spiritual training consists of.

What Exactly Is Raatijaga?

Raatijaga is a form of meditation that involves centering on one’s internal energy (named Shakti). This interior vitality are able to be applied for a number of functions like healing, safety, and in many cases psychic enlightenment. The principle aim of Raatijaga is usually to achieve equilibrium between physique, mind, and spirit by participating in strong meditation. It also helps take clearness and knowing to one’s life practical experience by linking with increased claims of awareness.

How Do You Exercise Raatijaga?

So that you can exercise Raatijaga effectively, it is essential to remain dedicated to one’s inner vitality or Shakti always. This requires becoming conscious of one’s feelings, sensations, and actual feelings while engaging in deep breathing exercise routines. Via normal training over time, one could learn how to take advantage of their inside energy and use it for beneficial alteration and healing. Moreover, there are numerous mantras linked to the process which can help generate greater quality and concentrate during relaxation periods.

Attaining Enlightenment Via Raatijaga

The supreme target behind training Raatijaga is always to attain a status of enlightenment or “Moksha” where one can practical experience long lasting tranquility and equilibrium within yourself. To do this successfully calls for commitment and regularity in meditation each day along with finding out how to enhance mindfulness throughout every aspect of existence. With patience and willpower, you can now learn how to control the potency of their Shakti electricity through the teachings of Raatijaga to be able to produce positive improvement within on their own and others around them.


Raatijaga is an ancient faith based process that has been practiced for thousands of years in India with great success by its followers. By concentrating on one’s internal power or Shakti during deep breathing trainings while utilizing special mantras linked to the training over time, anyone can learn to make use of their very own power for healing, safety, and even achieving a express of enlightenment called “Moksha” where 1 activities sustained serenity within their selves. Going through the morals and practices related to Raatijaiga is sure to bring about positive alteration for virtually any individual looking for a much deeper exposure to their spirituality!