Classic Roast Chicken with Herbs

Fried chicken is loved by everyone, no matter what the age or the culture. Its crispy exterior and tender, juicy meat inside makes it a comfort food for millions of people. Whether it’s eaten on its own or paired with a side of mashed potatoes or coleslaw, fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food. But how can you make it even better? Well, we’re here to tell you about the best fried chicken recipe (resepiayam) you’ll ever taste!
For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:
-1 whole chicken cut into pieces
-2 cups of buttermilk
-1 tsp of paprika
-1 tsp of garlic powder
-1 tsp of onion powder
-1 tsp of dried thyme
-1 tsp of cayenne pepper
-1 tsp of salt
-1 tsp of black pepper
-2 cups of all-purpose flour
-1 quart of vegetable oil for frying

1. Marinate the Chicken: Start by marinating your chicken in buttermilk overnight or for at least 6 hours. The buttermilk tenderizes the chicken and adds flavor to the meat.
2. Season the Chicken: After marinating the chicken in the buttermilk, it’s time to season it with a blend of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. Mix these ingredients together and evenly distribute them over the chicken pieces.
3. Coat the Chicken: Take the seasoned chicken and coat it with all-purpose flour. Make sure the chicken is coated evenly and thoroughly with a thin layer of flour.
4. Fry the Chicken: Heat up enough vegetable oil in a deep pot or skillet that will submerge the chicken pieces entirely. The oil should be over medium-high heat to start but lowered to medium once the chicken is inside so that it cooks evenly. Once hot, carefully place the chicken in the pan and fry it until the chicken is golden brown and crispy. This may take about 12-15 minutes for the drumsticks and wings, and roughly 20-25 minutes for the breast and thigh portions of the chicken.
5. Drain and Serve: Once the chicken is done, let it drain on paper towels to remove any excess oil. Serve hot with a side of mashed potatoes or coleslaw.
And there you have it, the best fried chicken cooked in soy sauce the right way (ayam masak kicap cara cara) you’ll ever taste! This recipe is easy to follow and produces a delicious and crispy exterior with tender, juicy meat on the inside. Make sure to marinate the chicken in buttermilk overnight for maximum flavor!