Diagnosing and Treating Exploding head syndrome


Exploding head syndrome is a sleep ailment in which people experience noisy disturbances or explosions within their head during sleep. It is an unusual condition that may be stressful for those who are impacted by it. In the following paragraphs, we will investigate the causes, symptoms, and therapy for exploding head syndrome.

Exactly what is Exploding head syndrome?

gwinnett pulmonary group (EHS) is a unusual kind of parasomnia—a type of sleep problem. It happens when individuals hear abrupt, deafening sounds or explosions in their heads prior to gonna bed furniture or upon awakening throughout the night. The noises may range from a high in volume bang to a gunshot or cymbal collision, and is often together with a vibrant light. Whilst the noise is extremely loud for the man or woman suffering from EHS, it doesn’t wake someone else up in the room because it’s only listened to internally.

Causes of EHS

The actual cause of exploding head syndrome isn’t identified however, experts believe that it can be connected to pressure and exhaustion as well as a number of prescription drugs or health conditions for example epilepsy. Additionally, some investigation demonstrates that interrupted sleep periods might also enjoy a part in activating EHS episodes.

Signs of EHS

The main symptom of EHS may be the deafening explosion-like noise that takes place prior to going to bed furniture or upon getting up at night time. Other symptoms include severe fear and stress and anxiety in addition to frustration as to what occurred throughout an episode. Some individuals might also experience actual signs and symptoms including an increased heartrate and sweating after an episode has occurred.

Cure for EHS

According to the harshness of your trouble, your medical professional may advocate change in lifestyle including reducing levels of stress and obtaining more peaceful sleep at night to help reduce episodes of exploding head syndrome. Furthermore, they may suggest medicines like anti-nervousness prescription drugs or getting to sleep tablets to assist control signs or symptoms associated with EHS episodes. It’s important to speak with your physician about any medicines you’re consuming to enable them to analyze if they could be bringing about your problem. Eventually, if you suffer from extreme nervousness because of persistent episodes of EHS, guidance may be recommended so that you can lessen stress levels linked to this disorder.


Exploding head syndrome is a rare but stressful issue that affects many people worldwide each year. However the precise result in isn’t acknowledged yet, knowing its probable causes may help you much better deal with its signs through changes in lifestyle and medication if necessary. If you’re affected by this disorder talk with your medical professional about treatment options available so you can get relief from strong anxiousness brought on by continuing episodes of exploding head syndrome quickly!