Dr Joy Trueblood: Why The Right Diagnostic Information For Your Health Matters

Patients often find themselves overwhelmed by the information they receive from their doctors. There is no doubt that medical advancements have made your lives better and longer, but even with all this new information at their fingertips, it can be difficult for doctors to discern which lab results are important. Here’s why getting the right diagnostic information matters for your health.

A Diagnosis Is A Statement That Describes The Current State Of A Patient

A diagnosis is a medical statement that can be made by using different types of information, such as symptoms, physical examination results, and needed medical test results. The said diagnosis can then help to determine what specific medical treatment options are available for you.

The Diagnostic Information Available To Doctors Has Increased Exponentially Today

The amount of diagnostic information available to doctors like Dr Joy Trueblood today, in comparison to previous decades, has increased exponentially. This is because there are more medical facilities and technology available for doctors to use when diagnosing patients.

As a result of this increased availability of diagnostic tools and resources for doctors, it becomes even more important for you as a patient to make sure that your healthcare provider understands exactly what symptoms you are experiencing so they can make an accurate diagnosis based on your symptoms alone.

Asking For The Right Diagnostic Info Can Get You The Best Healthcare Possible

Dr Joy Trueblood Lastly, you must ask for the diagnostic data you need to make a health-related decision. This includes all relevant test results, including blood work, imaging studies (like X-rays or CT scans), and other diagnostic tests. The doctor should also be able to explain how they came up with their diagnosis based on this information.

And for that matter, if there’s something that can help improve your medical condition, such as some significant changes in your diet or exercise habits, then the doctor should be able to explain what those health changes will look like and how they might greatly impact your health over time.