Dr. Michael Hilton – The Urgency to Save Lives

Emergency medicine doctors are doctors who deal with emergencies and urgent medical care, as well as preventive care. An emergency medicine doctor like Dr Michael Hilton is a doctor who works in the emergency room. Their job is to treat patients with injuries or illnesses that require immediate care, like heart attack victims, stroke victims and gunshot wounds. They also perform regular checkups on heart failure patients, people with asthma and diabetes.

Emergency medicine doctors (EMDs) provide immediate, comprehensive care to patients of all ages who have non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. They evaluate and treat emergency medical conditions, and also perform diagnostic procedures on patients. They work with an emergency medicine doctor, certified in advanced cardiac life support and trauma care. These doctors treat all of the expected and unexpected medical issues you might encounter during your trip — whether that means stitching up a cut or speaking with a patient who is experiencing a heart attack.

Working in an Emergency Situation

Emergency medicine doctors diagnose, treat and manage emergency illnesses and injuries. They manage on-the-scene medical emergencies, such as car crashes, sports injuries and heart attacks. As a Doctor of Emergency Medicine, they specialize in treating the many emergencies that can occur in the community and in hospital settings. They focus on providing medical care for people who are acutely ill or injured, and for those whose health is deteriorating. Their work is critical to ensuring that patients receive the best possible care in a prompt and cost effective manner.

It’s easy to understand why a physician specializing in emergency medicine would be responsible for the health care of acutely ill or injured patients. Emergency Medicine doctors are critical thinkers and take-charge types, but they also have to rely on their compassion and empathy because these patients often come with acute needs.

The emergency medicine Dr Michael Hilton evaluates, treats, and provides immediate care to a patient in need of urgent care in a hospital’s emergency room. The patient is usually not seriously ill but requires immediate diagnosis or treatment. The ED doctor is also responsible for admitting patients to the hospital when needed and overseeing their care during their hospital stay.