Marty Nothstein: Olympic Medalist And Community Leader

Former professional road bicycle racer and track cyclist, hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, achieved incredible success during his athletic career, becoming an Olympic medalist and a community leader.

Starting his journey in cycling through community programs at a local velodrome, he quickly showed his potential and dedication, eventually becoming one of the greatest track cyclists in the history of the United States. He set world and Olympic records, won numerous national championships, and earned multiple gold medals at the Pan Am Games and World Championships.

Despite the success of Marty Nothstein, he remained rooted in his hometown, refusing to relocate for training and proving that everything necessary for Olympic success was available in his community. His unwavering commitment to his roots was a testament to his character, and he became an inspiration for young athletes in the area.

After retiring from professional cycling, he took on a new role as the executive director of the same velodrome where he started his journey. He worked tirelessly to increase the community and professional cycling programs and revenue, making the velodrome a thriving hub of cycling activity.

Marty Nothstein Beyond his work with the velodrome, he also demonstrated a deep passion for the outdoors and conservation efforts. He protected over 500 acres of property from development while providing better habitats for wildlife. He chaired the Lehigh County farmland preservation board, helping to save thousands of acres of farmland from growth in his community.

His dedication to his community extended beyond conservation efforts. He were elected to the Lehigh County board of commissioners and even ran for the US House of Representatives, demonstrating his commitment to public service.

Through his athletic accomplishments and leadership in his community, these former professional cyclists left an indelible mark on his town and inspired countless individuals to pursue his passions, give back to his communities, and strive for excellence in his endeavors.