Unleashing the Creative Potential of Zebra skin in Design Projects


For centuries, the zebra has been a icon in the vast and diversified continent of Africa. In African mythology, zebra skin rug is assumed to hold particular magical qualities that could deliver fortune, therapeutic, and safety. Let’s discover these wonderful qualities and find out how they are utilised within African tradition.

The effectiveness of Defense

In classic African ethnicities, zebra skin was thought to have protecting power. It was believed to fend off wicked spirits as well as bring good luck. This belief stemmed from the concept that zebras are watchful pets with enthusiastic eye-sight, so their skins could be used to protect against poor omens or damage. It absolutely was also believed should you installed a piece of zebra skin over your home, it will keep away any bad power or terrible luck which may try and enter in your house.

The Curing Potential

Zebra skin was believed to have therapeutic powers and a lot of people tried it for medicinal uses. It was actually thought that in the event you handled a sheet of zebra skin with your left-hand 3 x in succession and after that rubbed it with an wounded portion of your body, it might repair whatever disorder you had been struggling with. In some countries, the ears or tail hair were even obtained from the zebra cover up for use in folk remedies for various ailments or ailments.

The Use as Design

Lastly, several African cultures applied items of zebra cover up as adornments or adornments inside their properties or villages. Folks would often hang up strips of zebra cover up up inside their dwellings to indicate money and success or perhaps to remember substantial activities like marriage ceremonies or births. Components of this unique substance have been also sometimes designed into clothes products such as dresses or shawls that might be put on by tribal elders in the course of essential rituals or rituals.


Zebra cover up is a component of African culture for years and years and continues to hold an important area in several traditional thinking right now. From delivering defense against bad good luck to having curing abilities, the magical qualities related to this unique substance are already passed on down through generations but still continue to be pertinent today within a lot of African ethnicities around the world. Whether or not it is getting used for decoration or safety, a very important factor is certain—zebra conceal retains a unique spot in African culture that will not be neglected!