Unlocking Chronic Pain: A Primer On Pain Mgt. Specialists By Dr. William Siefert

Pain management specialists are doctors who specialize in treating chronic, extreme, or intractable pain. These physicians have advanced training in the medical treatment of pain disorders and can help identify solutions for people who suffer from severe chronic pain. Doctors who treat chronic, severe, and intractable pain disorders work in multiple settings. Many pain management specialists have advanced medical training but not all specialists need to be board-certified.

Pain Management Specialists Treat Chronic, Severe, Or Intractable Pain

Pain management specialists are doctors who specialize in treating chronic, extreme, or intractable pain. These medical professionals can be psychiatrists, psychologists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals who have training and experience in the field of pain management.

Chronic, Severe, And Intractable Pain Doctors Work In Multiple Settings

Chronic pain management experts work in hospitals, clinics, private practice, and research institutions. According to Dr. William Siefert, most work with neurologists or psychiatrists to help complex cases with multiple diseases or conditions. Some pain management doctors work independently and specialize in certain chronic pain conditions and treating people over 65.

Most Pain Management Specialists Have An MD Or DO, But Not All Are Board-Certified

DOs, MDs, and PhDs are examples of pain management experts. They have all received advanced medical instruction and are board-certified in their respective fields. Most pain experts have an osteopathic degree, but some choose to pursue a medical degree instead.

Dr. William Siefert DOs are more likely to have managed sprains, strains, fractures, and chronic musculoskeletal issues like chronic low back pain. Before starting a private practice, many have completed a two-year hospital-based residency program.

Because these doctors treat acute injuries rather than long-term chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, which require long-term management plans with multiple medications over many years, many refer patients with these issues to other specialties like rheumatologists, neurologists, and gastroenterologists.

Chronic, Intractable Pain Patients Can Benefit From Chronic Pain Specialists

If you are suffering from intractable pain and have tried all the standard treatments, then a pain management specialist may be able to help. A physician with special training in the treatment of chronic pain can be helpful for people suffering from persistent, intractable pain disorders. Physicians who specialize in treating chronic conditions usually have an MD degree or DO degree along with board certification by one of several recognized organizations.